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  Q: How long do I get the amusement for?
A: All hire terms are approximately 24 hours. Delivery will be around lunch time on the day of your hire and pick-up will be the same time the next day.

Q: Can I get my amusement delivered at a certain time?
A: In most cases, this is not a problem however it is usually best to give a specific time frame window in which you would like it to be delivered. If you want something to be delivered at an exact time, please make this known at the time of your booking and we will endeavour to comply with your request as best as possible.

Q: Do you require a deposit?
A: In most circumstances we do not require a bond. For busy periods or if an amusement is in high demand, we may ask for a deposit however we will advise you ASAP if this is the case.

Q: Do you require a bond?
A: We do not require a bond however all damage to any equipment must be paid for and the hirer must agree to the terms and conditions upon receiving the amusement.

Q: Can I pick the amusement up myself?
A: You may pick the amusement up if your event is outside of the regular delivery area. We are fairly flexible with hire periods in that you may collect an amusement on a Friday and return it on the Monday if it does not conflict with any other booking.

Q: Do you supply an operator?
A: Our amusements are all dry hire and do not come with an operator included in the hire price.

Q: Can you supply and operator and how much does this cost?
A: An operator can be supplied but the cost depends on many factors such as travel and peak periods. An operator can be supplied for $50/h during peak times (5pm Friday – 9am Sunday) and $35/h all other times. These prices are only a guide so please get in contact to discuss the details of your event for a firm quote.

Q: Do you have any specific power requirements?
A: Yes! All amusements require a standard power point (240 volt, 10 amp plug) to be located at a maximum distance of 30m from where you would like your amusement to be setup. Any further than this and the power voltage drops at the blower. At best this will cause the blower to output less air than the amusement may require and at worst will cause the blower to overheat and fail. Careful planning needs to be considered if you intend to use more than 2 amusements or other high draw devices such as cooking appliances at the same time. Remember that most households have multiple power points on the same circuit so you could still overload a circuit with just one blower. At best this will lead to tripping a circuit breaker/overload protection and at worst it could start a fire. As a rule of thumb, two amusements can be run off a single power point usually without any problems. There are many factors to consider so please get in contact to discuss this if you are not sure. When it comes to electricity, it’s better to be safe than sorry.